Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cake Island II ~ Updated

Expansions used-
No 3rd Party CC
Medium Island World With over 100 lots
Legacy Priced Lots- 14,700
40.3 MB
Free Store items but also *Pay Items used
*(Casino/Resort- They will be replaced with 
Base Game proxies if you don't have the items)

It's uploaded to the Exchange~ Here

Lots of Fun Lots! =]

Isola Island 

This world was make by request for LadyEmily. She started a Castaway Challenge- You can find more information about  the Challenge and her built up world-  Here. :)

It was made with WA/Amb/LN/Pets
Small map
7 Lots
Spawners from Base Game, WA/LN... It's almost empty (2 built spawner lots iirc) so there isn't much else.
 Download (Mediafire)