Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lonely Island

Lonely Island

Tiny Island- 3 Large lots
Base Game Only

9MB =]
Get away from it all and live off the land...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mesa Valley II

 Mesa Valley II- Populated Version

In the middle of a lonely desert is Mesa Valley. . .├Čt's bigger, it's greener... it's still here. Small Town life, lonely desert life, quiet suburb life, and all around fun. 
. Lots of space still available for more Expansions!...I hope you enjoy playing-  by Rflong7/13 =]

Mesa Valley II is a large map.
 ~No 3rd Party CC included
 Needs WA/Amb/LN/Gen/Pets
- Updated to 1.29
 114 Lots- A lot of Empty Desert and
Large Lots in Town  for Showtime Lots
Has Clubs, Apartments, Ambitions lots...
Starter houses for single and family Sims
9 Households to choose  or Start your own!