Sunday, September 21, 2014

Little Freezer Bunny Island ...

Hi! =D

While uploading my old worlds I found this little one I started months ago. Since it's a build as you play world I figured I might as well finish it...

*Since I've recolored the cherry trees to deeper pink- the regular trees looked so drab in the pink world. The point is, if you use the world and go back to Main Menu, these trees are cached and will show as dark pink in the next world you play. You only need to delete the cache files between play sessions or open one world then another. =]

Small World
23 lots (2 dive lots, 2 docks, 1 boat)
WA/Amb/IP - no store
No 3rd party CC - I did recolor the trees. Clean your cache files before changing worlds, it's not permanent in other worlds. :)

Download from my Sims 3 Studio.