Monday, April 7, 2014

What I've Been Up To In CAW...

Hi! =]

I've been updating one of my favorite worlds... Legacy Island. =D
The thing is, I'm putting it on a larger map just so I can add some distant islands and hope to have it deep enough and far enough out that the Kraken will show up. I still haven't seen one in my game and would love to have them show up in Legacy Island III. =D

It 'll have a few Store items but nothing that's necessary for the world to play or look right, only a few themed lots (the same from Legacy Island II) . 

I've been trying to get the Tropical feel to Legacy island without changing  the ini files for the sea and sky which would mess up the darker waters of the dock side and swamp ares. 

Hopefully what I've done is okay. Here's a picture so far... no trees but those 3 on the little island and hardly any world objects placed yet (it's nearly the bones of the world). O.O

I still have to see how the boats will do. 

Let me know what you think- if you want- Thanks! <3


4/11 -Today built a few crate houses for the docks and messed with the RHs ini files- mostly bloom and time of day stuff. I want to mix some water and sky inis of two different worlds. I've just never really done much with them before- only used premade EA inis. =] 

Thanks for checking me out! Happy Simming =D 

Updated! 4/21

Finished two Resorts. Finally got an idea for them and it took me three days of building and decorating to get them done. *finger's crossed*

La Costa Resort

And this is just one of the dock crate houses I furnished, finally. XD

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beach City!

Beach City

Large World-2048x2048
198 Lots
Download on TS3 site
All Expansions: WA-ITF
All Stuff Packs
All Store PC items and many Sets
Check out the Topic Here for more info.

There is a populated Save File Here

Families and many houses were donated by other Players. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cake Island II ~ Updated

Expansions used-
No 3rd Party CC
Medium Island World With over 100 lots
Legacy Priced Lots- 14,700
40.3 MB
Free Store items but also *Pay Items used
*(Casino/Resort- They will be replaced with 
Base Game proxies if you don't have the items)

It's uploaded to the Exchange~ Here

Lots of Fun Lots! =]

Isola Island 

This world was make by request for LadyEmily. She started a Castaway Challenge- You can find more information about  the Challenge and her built up world-  Here. :)

It was made with WA/Amb/LN/Pets
Small map
7 Lots
Spawners from Base Game, WA/LN... It's almost empty (2 built spawner lots iirc) so there isn't much else.
 Download (Mediafire)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake

It's a large map but small land area. =]
WA/Amb/LN/Gen/Pets/SHT used in the making.
77 lots- 36 res/41 com
11 families- 37 Sims
Spawners from all available expansions used.
Uploaded on the The Sims 3 Exchange =]
Download Here

A hidden lake high in the Mountains. Sweet water, cool breezes, and an Asylum on a hill.... How will it affect the little town now that the Insane Sims are free? Will havoc rule the day? A Populated world I built to play the Asylum Challenge ~and it grew from there. All necessary Career lots including, 4 clubs, SHT venues, and Pet Store. There are 76 lots including Legacy priced lots, 22 prebuilt house, a few starters, one apartment- several empty lots.  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Isle of Sims II

Isle of Sims II

Medium Map
44.6MB Download size
78 lots with a Legacy priced lots- future pet lots available.
All spawners in the world- up to Late Night 

CAW build files- Please do not upload to Exchange =]  

Isle of Sims Vacation Edition 
(Base Camp)

A medium Jungle Island with a simple beach side or a crowded city side~ Where to live is up to you . . . could this be the dream world for your Sims? Clubs on both sides, all Spawners, Plenty of Jobs! 2 families added for the Amb jobs...Room for your Sims . . . by Rflong7

~No CC ~ Needs WA/AMB/LN/Gen/Free Store items -Riverview & Renault EVO Pack 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lonely Island

Lonely Island

Tiny Island- 3 Large lots
Base Game Only

Download Mediafire 
9MB =]
Get away from it all and live off the land...