Thursday, August 8, 2019


Hi :)
The Launcher isn't working for me right now - if I ever get it to work again. I must now use my blog, which I've been ignoring for ages. :(

Anyway, Pangaea (thanks for the name ~ Satanu_Reeves, and votes ~ Simmers!) is a large map and many different ecosystem world.

I love that so many people gave me Store stuff because they liked my worlds (without me asking for donations) that I enjoy using. It gives me lots of good feels. :heart:

There are 104 lots but not many Residential lots. I left space to place a lot where you might want - within reason. Don't expect to place it on the side of the mountain. ;)

Download on Exchange

104 lots
 All Expansion/All Stuff (Yes, there is some Kati Perry Stuff and you can remove it) XD
3 Dive lots/2 Hidden islands - Diving Reward, Mermaid Island.

I didn't edit the ini files. There are so many talented
sky modes creators with so many to choose from,
you'll have fun finding yours.

View from the Norther Icecaps.

View from the Southern Desert.

View from the Western Tropical Forrest.

View from the small city in the East. With all in between. =]

I added a few random NPCs. Maybe you'll see them. :)

I hope you have lots of fun exploring, making Stories, or just playing your Sims! <3

I used a lot of Store stuff- probably most of the venues. It's easier to tell you which ones I didn't use: (not Last Venue of Amore/Olympian Physique).
I used the worlds, Aurora Skies, Monte Vista, Riverview, and Sunlit Tides.
I did use the Skydiving Building and the Recharging station which aren't available any more. Sorry but I enjoy seeing them and if you have them, they're there for you, too.

There is an empty build version available to add your favorite lots. I hope that will make it fun for you, too. No, you can't have both installed. :)

Pangaea, Build 
(download on mediafire)

104 lots 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Supernatural Island

Hi :)

This world started a loooong time ago. I love the layout and the idea of Pirates on an island of Supernatural creatures. I just was lost without the picture which inspired the Pirate town. It was from an old game... I always thought I'd finish it one day.

....But I haven't finished it. I've slowed down on my building of lots which makes world building slower. That's why I'm just going to put it out there and build it slowly while letting others build it to what they want.

There are Hidden lots; there are dive lots, there is a base game lot for the Traveler mod. When I build more lots I'll post them here and hopefully one day soon I'll finish this beautiful world. :)

There are modified ini files from Bridgeport, Aurora Skies, Moonlight Falls; Midnight Hollows.
Lengthened daylight, longer weather change, and less bloom- I hope.

I'm hoping for feed back on some studdering. It might be the large Simbot island and Wildlife. Feedback on the skies and water colors with the weather. I'm hoping for more cloudy skies. :)

Large Map/over 120 lots, only a few built lots. 
All Expansions/All Store Worlds were install while building but might not have been used.

Thanks for all the feedback! Happy Simming in all the Sims games you enjoy. 😻

Friday, June 12, 2015

Industrial Island

Hi :)

I figured it was time to finish this world... I started making it for someone and I think they lost interest but that's okay, I have fun making worlds so I'm happy. :D

Small world
Expansions-Most (not ITF)
No 64x64 lots
All regular spawners
64 lots- 2 ports/2 Dive lots/1 beach

There are a few lots priced for the
Apocalypse Challenge and maybe 1 for the Legacy Challenge.

I did make this for the Apocalypse challenge for people who might need a small world to play.

It has the Bridgeport inis so weather can be overcast and the water muddy. =]

Download Here 18.6MB
(No CC)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Little Freezer Bunny Island ...

Hi! =D

While uploading my old worlds I found this little one I started months ago. Since it's a build as you play world I figured I might as well finish it...

*Since I've recolored the cherry trees to deeper pink- the regular trees looked so drab in the pink world. The point is, if you use the world and go back to Main Menu, these trees are cached and will show as dark pink in the next world you play. You only need to delete the cache files between play sessions or open one world then another. =]

Small World
23 lots (2 dive lots, 2 docks, 1 boat)
WA/Amb/IP - no store
No 3rd party CC - I did recolor the trees. Clean your cache files before changing worlds, it's not permanent in other worlds. :)

Download from my Sims 3 Studio.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hi =[

Sad news- MediaFire is saying I have a copy right infringement on two of my worlds so they've suspended my account. They did this once with one world and now have two more which have been reported.

I'm trying to fight it but we'll see. =[

They're both Sims3Packs so I have no idea what they think I've stolen. :(

Happy Simming which ever game you play.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Bridgeport

Hi =D

This world was edited by request- I've added some more empty lots; Ambitions & Showtimes lots; a Swamp area added; and some dock lots (also, the Eiffel tower is in the distance).

It's still designated a City.
 Aprox. 140 lots.
No Store, no 3rd party CC
Late Night, Ambitions, Showtime used. 
Download Mediafire

 Late Night Only-
Download Mediafire

Friday, May 16, 2014

Legacy Island 3

Yay! Legacy Island is updated for all Expansions (no stuffs).

Legacy Island 3

Download on the Exchange
A medium world on a large map!
164 lots
(5 Dive lots with all 8 Hidden lot types)
Populated with 21 Families (all the old families!)
6 Docks with 3 houseboats

Store Stuff used:

Paid Stuff...Not necessary to play

**Dive Caves Reseting Sim-

Pictures! .... on the next page. XD