Friday, June 12, 2015

Industrial Island

Hi :)

I figured it was time to finish this world... I started making it for someone and I think they lost interest but that's okay, I have fun making worlds so I'm happy. :D

Small world
Expansions-Most (not ITF)
No 64x64 lots
All regular spawners
64 lots- 2 ports/2 Dive lots/1 beach

There are a few lots priced for the
Apocalypse Challenge and maybe 1 for the Legacy Challenge.

I did make this for the Apocalypse challenge for people who might need a small world to play.

It has the Bridgeport inis so weather can be overcast and the water muddy. =]

Download Here 18.6MB
(No CC)

Happy Apocalypse-ing! =D


  1. You are so awesome at making worlds sweetie!

  2. Hi, Bree :D
    Thanks so much! =D

  3. Hey Rflong7, is there a way to contact you? There's something I'd like to ask you about Legacy Island 3. But for some reason I can't comment on the Legacy Island 3 post. I downloaded Legacy Island 3 from this link: and later on used "Sims3PackCleaner" on it. It states the file is corrupt (Not a DBPF). I downloaded it again with the same results. Don't know if this can be ignored or not. But I do have some form of freezing up in the game playing Legacy Island 3 and trying to figure out the problem. I'm still in the process of fixing/cleaning/improving things using various guides, that's how I stumbled upon this corruption and would like your input on it. I also would like to ask if you tested Legacy Island 3 for routing issues, since I read that seems to be the most common source of the freezing up. There were fixes for other maps by EA.

    I'm looking forward to explore a whole lot more in Legacy Island 3. Thanks for all the work.

  4. HI Lime Lima :)

    What are you doing to 'fixing/cleaning/improving things?" I don't know of any problems with the world. :(
    Where is that download linked? It's up on the Sims 3 Exchange. :)

    The world isn't corrupt. :)
    Worlds always show red as if corrupt. The program can't read the world files.

    What routing issues are you having? This world was tested and tested and tested- it's been in the works and updated over more than 3 years. Can you tell me the problems you're having and if you have all the expansions.

    Happy Simming.

  5. Hello! Do you have a filled version of this world possibly? THank you!

    1. Hi =]
      No, I'm sorry there isn't. I made it for someone who wanted to build it up with their own lots. =]

  6. Hello, I'm playing Haunted Valley, I don't see it here on your site though. I want to build on the site with the gypsy wagon, but the game doesn't mark it as a lot and won't let me open the lot in edit town. Is there a way I can edit that lot?

    1. Hi, Barbara =]
      If the lot is locked (I don't remember where I placed the wagon), you will have to use 2 codes to open the lot-

      TestingCheatsEnabled true
      EnableLotLocking true

      This will allow you to unlock the lot for building- if it's on a locked lot. Sometimes I place the wagon on the world map.

      I hope that helps. =D

  7. Goodness, this is just what I dreamed of for a world in The Sims 3: Compact, but still very urban, kinda big city feel world·

    Thanks SO MUCH for this, it's my favorite! >< ♥

    One thing I never liked about EA worlds is that everything is always spaced, far away from each other, TS3 worlds are already kind of empty, we almost never see really people around on the streets, and EA worlds doesn't help about it·