Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Supernatural Island

Hi :)

This world started a loooong time ago. I love the layout and the idea of Pirates on an island of Supernatural creatures. I just was lost without the picture which inspired the Pirate town. It was from an old game... I always thought I'd finish it one day.

....But I haven't finished it. I've slowed down on my building of lots which makes world building slower. That's why I'm just going to put it out there and build it slowly while letting others build it to what they want.

There are Hidden lots; there are dive lots, there is a base game lot for the Traveler mod. When I build more lots I'll post them here and hopefully one day soon I'll finish this beautiful world. :)

There are modified ini files from Bridgeport, Aurora Skies, Moonlight Falls; Midnight Hollows.
Lengthened daylight, longer weather change, and less bloom- I hope.

I'm hoping for feed back on some studdering. It might be the large Simbot island and Wildlife. Feedback on the skies and water colors with the weather. I'm hoping for more cloudy skies. :)

Large Map/over 120 lots, only a few built lots. 
All Expansions/All Store Worlds were install while building but might not have been used.

Thanks for all the feedback! Happy Simming in all the Sims games you enjoy. 😻

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