Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mesa Valley II

 Mesa Valley II- Populated Version

In the middle of a lonely desert is Mesa Valley. . .ìt's bigger, it's greener... it's still here. Small Town life, lonely desert life, quiet suburb life, and all around fun. 
. Lots of space still available for more Expansions!...I hope you enjoy playing-  by Rflong7/13 =]

Mesa Valley II is a large map.
 ~No 3rd Party CC included
 Needs WA/Amb/LN/Gen/Pets
- Updated to 1.29
 114 Lots- A lot of Empty Desert and
Large Lots in Town  for Showtime Lots
Has Clubs, Apartments, Ambitions lots...
Starter houses for single and family Sims

I hope you enjoy playing in it... if there are any problems you can probably reach me here. Let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it!


  1. this looks awesome only I can't find the download link

  2. I'm so sorry- It's there now. =D

  3. your work is amazing! thank you so much for uploading your maps and making them available. i've been looking to play around with CAW but have a mac. my brother is upgrading to a newer pc, so i'm going to start using CAW on his old computer. i'm excited.

    would you happen to have available the version prior to this? i don't have the pets expansion right now, but i have been looking for an amazing desert map (similar to strangetown from sims 2) to play.

  4. Hi, :)
    I only have the Base game version and this one.

    There's room to add more lots if you want. :)

  5. Hi! For the free items, you've just linked to a whole whopping amount of over 20 sets! Do I have to install them all, or did you make a mistake?

  6. Hi, Artist =]

    I'm not really sure which I used. But I linked to the free stuff because it's free and usually use some in all my worlds. :)

  7. I'm currently working on a desert world myself, and have played Mesa Valley pretty much exclusively since version 1! I wanted to ask if I could use one or two of the houses from it in my own world, with credit of course! They are the ones I usually plop my sims in and can't imagine not living in them. Regardless, thank you for the years of joy playing your worlds!

  8. Hi, Xealous =]
    Sorry it took so long for me to reply- Yes, you can use two houses from Mesa Valley in your world. Thanks for the credit. Thanks so Awesome that you like them! =]

  9. Mediafire said Invalid or Deleted File.

  10. Hi, :)

    I fixed it- I had moved it to the Exchange. =]

  11. Hi!) I really liked your city, but I can not download it. Can you put another link for download?)