Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twikkii Island

Twikkii Island ~ TS2 remake

Large Island map- file size:68.7MB
93 lots/spawners/All Rabbit holes- I hope. :)
Legacy priced lot/Empty lots to expand and for Pets
WA/Amb/LN/Gen/Uses Town Life rabbit holes-
Store items- Listed on post here.

Twikkii Island side: 

 The Cave with the gems..

The other side of the island... if they want to work and live there.

I left lots for pet parks and to add/build your own.

 There are several Creative and Wonderful lots by ...

Writin_Reg  made several wonderful beach houses...

donated several of her Wonderful and Creative TS2 recreated lots...

 HappySimmer3 donated several Creative and Wonderful lots, too.

I have the recreated Twikkii Island lots uploaded to my Rflong13 account.
Build Version
-Twikkii Island has lots but the other side of the island has empty lots...(This one or the Main island installed- not both) :)
Mediafire download

CAW files
These are the CAW files. Only the Twikkii side has lots.
Mediafire Download

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