Monday, January 30, 2012

Dark Harbor

Dark Harbor 

Medium World 
WA, Amb, LN ~ No CC
115 lots- empty
It has a Harbor, Farmland,
City center, Hills, Beach, and Swamps...
Download Mediafire

The CAW files are uploaded for people to use. 
Download for CAW 
Please, do not re-upload to the Exchange or another site without permission.  Thanks. =]


  1. Does this world come populated or will I have to add buildings and lots myself?

  2. Hi
    You have to build it up. The Sims need houses to populate the world. :)

  3. Alright, thanks! Do the empty lots have addresses and such?

  4. Yes, they do have addresses and such. =]

  5. Every time I look at this world I feel inspired to make a town out of it. I love the look of this world so much.

    Re-uploading without permission is bad, I completely agree, but would it be okay if I shared a built and populated town if I gave credit and linked back to here?

  6. Hi, Vexing Query =]
    I don't mind if you re-upload this world if you don't mind not uploading it to the TS3 Exchange. You can use Mediafire or another Hosting site. Or if you only want a Save file then that's great too. Credit is always nice. :D

  7. This world is beautiful and very well designed. It's not too big, you have the central city area and lots of space for farm and country lots as well. I've spent the past two days trying to fill it -- haven't had a chance to play it yet but I usually have more fun building anyway. Thanks for the great work. This one is now in the top of my favorite world list, along with Awesims.

  8. Thank you for this amazing world. I use it for my legacy family and i love it. No lag, fast to load, and beautiful and complete. Love the harbor. I put a picture here
    I put lots and family to play in it.
    A picture here

  9. Hi, Unknown =]
    So glad you like it. This world was a lot of fun to make. =D

    Hi, Vyoletta Guyot =]
    Thank you so much for sharing your picture. It's very dramatic, just love it.
    And I'm so glad you like the world and are playing in it. =D

    Happy Simming =]

  10. I read you cannot have a road under a bridge. Obviously you have done it successfully. Did you have to do anything special to make it work correctly? The one I tried the sims would disappear down through the bridge!

  11. Hey Rglong7!

    Must say that I'm loving Dark Harbor. So much so that I've created a little project to populate it!
    If you have some time, check out our Facebook page to see screenshots of our progress.

    This town is the perfect little place for all my Simmies to play and cause havoc! ^_^

    - Deontai

  12. Hi, Deontai =D

    Oh, Wow! Love your builds. You've made it look so good. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with me. I love seeing them. =D

  13. HI
    Lovely world!
    Im New to Sims and i just wanted to know where should/ do I place layers and lots files ?

  14. Hi, Anna =]

    Thanks. :)

    Sorry I'm so late in getting back to you. The layers and lot files need to stay in their folders. Keep the world folder and the .world file together- either on your desktop or in your Create a world files in Documents/Electronic Arts/Create a world/UserToolData/Worlds

    Extract them from the zip but don't remove them from the world folder. :)

  15. hi
    I'm trying to export your world but i don't know why. Do you maybe know what the problem is?

  16. HI, Lea =]

    What is happening when you try to export it? What message are you getting? =]

  17. Hola,hola.

    I am in the process of customizing this world. However, I have a question regarding the terrain paint used in the central area (particularly about the City Hall and subway inlet). Is this terrain available in CAW? I can't find it to save my bloody life, and, I'd like to edit the community lots I've build to be uniform, so far as turf.

    I'll also mention I'm a newcomer to CAW so, yes, its bloody likely staring me in the face (while heckling).

    Any help is appreciated!

  18. Hi, Taylor =]

    So sorry I haven't checked in after so long.

    The terrain paint should be part of the world file you have- it's used on the world map and not in the game/EIG.
    So, unless you deleted it, it's there for you to use in CAW. Paint the ground before placing the lot or after. It'll show in the lot while in EIG. :)

    Have fun! :D

  19. I have loved this world for quite some time, but wasn't sure what to do with it, until I started re-reading one of my favourite series by Charles de Lint, this is going to be my Newford!

    1. HI Thera =]

      Awesome! I'm so glad. It's one of my favorites, too. =D