Monday, January 23, 2012

Moon Base Charlie/Delta

Moon Base Charlie/Delta

Large World
(2048x2048) 46MB/
Number of Lots: 97 =Com: 55/Res: 42
Tech: WA/Amb/LN needed. 

Plus EV Pack free from EA's Store Here 

 Moon Base Charlie II Download
 Moon Base Delta Download

(Delta Version 48MB; 14 Lots/28 Sims) 

There are Legacy priced lots, lots with domes to build under, a dig site, and lots of space to wander in... if you have the right equipment!

I hope you enjoy and leave lots of comments! =D



  1. WOW! This is amazing! I'm downloading these now. I also promised Mikitta (I believe that's her sims 3 name?) that I'd upload some videos for worlds that sort of fit with an apocalypse theme for the Apocalypse Challenge. I'll definitely do that for this. I'll link back here as I can't seem to find these worlds on the exchange anywhere. Will come back and chuck the link up too. Bedtime right now though.

  2. Love the moon of this world ♥ ♥ ♥ LOL So creative. How did you do that?

  3. thank you so much! your world is wonderful!

  4. Hi!
    Have always loved this world - ever since you allowed me to help with the testing phase. So much better done than EA's Lunatic Lakes - which I was so disappointed with. (No room for expansion). Anyway, am currently "updating" some of the lots, using ITF content. Played Oh-so Landing for a whole 2 hours before becoming completely bored. So, back to your world. Am using some of the lots from ITF and a lot of the scifi content - that you didn't have when you created this - to give this more of that futuristic feel. Was totally bummed to realize I could use ITF's monorail feature. (Stupid EA!) Am guessing that would have to added via CAW - when someone finally "unlocks" the world editing content.
    Anyway, wanted to thank you again for a lovely world.

  5. Great job. I would love to play this, but the mediafire link is not working. Do you have another link for it somewhere else by chance? Thanks a bunch!

  6. I know this is all old, but RFlong7 is a Sim legend and I'm sure these pages are actively viewed. :-D

    I see this link to Charlie was removed by Mediafire for TOS (?!! :-O) in 2014, but Moon Base Charlie II is on the Exchange: ... Maybe this could help someone. <3 :-)