Monday, January 27, 2014

Beach City!

Beach City

Large World-2048x2048
198 Lots
Download on TS3 site
All Expansions: WA-ITF
All Stuff Packs
All Store PC items and many Sets

There is a populated Save File

Families and many houses were donated by other Players. 

There's more pictures on the Topic at the Forums- linked up top. I hope you like it! =D


  1. Eccezionale, un'opera straordinaria! complimenti !


  3. Thank you all for leaving me a comment. It's so wonderful to see. XD :hugz: =D

    Hi, Gabriella =D
    Thank you so much! XD

    HI, RolloRolls =]
    Thanks! I glad you like it. '
    I wanted a world with all my Store stuff and all expansions with room to still add some more stuff. =D

    Hi, Isabella =]
    The city is for TS3- for all the expansions. =]

  4. WOW I like it alot - very detail oriented! How long did it take you?

  5. HI =D

    Thanks so much! I hope it works well. We tested it or months trying to get it the best it could be. =D

  6. Love all of your worlds! This looks like another great one...can't wait to play! Well done!

  7. Hi, M Darling =D

    Thanks! I hope I can get all the little things fixed.

  8. If I don't have supernatural would this still install?

  9. Hi,itzbee
    It should install with only one or two expansions missing (not sure which). The items will be missing or replaced with a base game item. Sometimes the worlds won't install but I can never predict if or which. =]

  10. Hi, what does it mean that the world is unpopulated? Does it literally have no sims? or what? Whats the difference between populated and unpopulated?

  11. Hi, Grandslayur :)

    It means there are no Sims added to the world. The game will adds Sims - populate - to the world as you play but Create a World doesn't have the ability to add Sims without mods.
    This world is too big to add them with the mods so I had to make a Save file where I added Sims to the world. :)

  12. Hello RFLONG7!
    I had a quick request that I'd really appreciate! I really really want to download your populated Beach City World but I have complications with my account and do not want to have to go through Origin to make an account and everything (not a huge fan of Origin). Is there any way I could get your world off of mediafire or some other source? You have no idea how much that would mean to me.

  13. Hi, =]

    Sure! I hope you like it.
    Don't forget the save file, it's populated-


    2. Hi,
      Thanks for providing that download link! but somehow after quite many attempts of redownloading, i kept on stopping at 0b/s during 10%-20% no matter it's the rush hour, the night, anytime.. i didn't have any problem downloading a large file but the only time i've did that is from torrent. maybe mediafire is at fault here? please.. if you could make it downloadable from torrent, i'd be really greatful.. i know, to do this for just a person having this problem is really such a drag.. but.. you know.. your world is amazing, i just wish i could play it...

  14. Thank you so much!!! I can't wait to play this weekend!

  15. Beautiful world but where do you place the populated file?

  16. Beautiful world but where do you place the population file?

  17. Hi, MegaZackRyder :D
    Thanks! The save file goes in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Saves

  18. I've been wanting to play this world for at least a year now, but there's no way I'm downloading all of the store content onto my computer. It's a shame, because your worlds are always so nice but always have so much store crap. >_< It'd be nice if one day you could redo these worlds without all of that stuff.

  19. Hi, Nicole :)
    I'm so glad you think it's worth playing. I appreciate that. =D

    I also made this world so I could play all that Store Crap I have installed. I built it for me and what I like, but it still makes me happy that others like my worlds.

    There is a build version- no lots- that you can use to add your own lots or place lots you want (plus I uploaded the CAW files so you can remove all the crap you don't want)- Still, I used Store crap in that one, too. XD

    And no, they don't all have so much Store crap- I use what I like or it wouldn't be fun for me.

    Happy Simming! =D

    1. Were you using 'store crap' repetitively to try and be rude? Not everyone can afford buying everything from the Sims store. Learn to respect that.

    2. Hi, I made this world for myself to include all my 'store crap' and then I shared the world. The store stuff will not be there if you dont' have it but the world will still be there.

      Thanks for taking the time to post a comment. It took me 8 months to make this world, I love hearing what others think of it.

      Happy Simming! =D

  20. Let me just give you a massive thanks for this impressive world! Out of all the EA and custom worlds I've played in, yours has to be my favorite. It has everything you could ever want for your sims. I've modded it to my liking adding skyscrappers, weather mod and some more houses and it always gets compliments from people who see my screenshots, it's just freaking amazing. All the little details you have put into it... I'm just in awe.

    Personally I have all the decrapped store stuff and it works fine and for people complaining about it, there are other ways of acquiring the "store crap" without having to pay. I thought people knew that by now and need not be rude towards you if you have the desire to include it all in your worlds. Talk about respect when you are taking the time (8 months!) to make this world for free and share it... people these days honestly ask for respect when they don't seem to respect in the first place.

    Thanks again for this world and I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks that EA should of hired you to make their Sims3 worlds. ;)


    1. Hi and Thanks so much, Sasha Smith. Thanks so much for the lovely comment and for reminding me that there are many who do appreciate all the hard work people put into things they share in The Sims games. I appreciate this so much!

      I'm glad you like it and could mod it to your liking~ I can so understand wanting our favorite things in our game worlds. =D

      Happy Simming =]

    2. Sasha Smith, you stated in your comment that there are ways to get 'Store Crap' without paying. My parents would go crazy if i asked them to pay for virtual money... I cant get anything in the store and i have no way of earning money at my age.

  21. This looks marvelous! Looks like you thought of everything! But how did you get the train in there? I didn't know you could do that. Wow.

  22. Hey rflong7,

    You did awesome on your build! I, however, can not afford to buy all of the store content involved in it. Sasha stated that there were ways to get all of the content without paying for it. Is that: legal, possible? If you even have the time to take a break from your awesome builds, i would love a response.

    Also, i don't have all of the expansion packs. I have late night, University Life, Seasons, and Supernatural. I only have the High End Loft Stuff Pack... So I would like to know if it is possible to play without all of them?

    Thanks in advance for your response!

    Follow me on Origin as Silverangel632 and check me out on Youtube as simm3rboy! Always like and please Subscribe!


    1. Hi :)
      Thanks! I know not everyone can afford the Store stuff; I made this one for all my Store Stuff and am sharing it. I wanted something huge to play with it all.
      Yes- it's possible to get the store stuff without paying and No, it's not legal since the Store is still open.

      I doubt it would be possible to play it without all the Expansions- there are bridges and spawners and objects which will mess up for you. :(

      Cool~ I'll check you out. =D